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    11 Unusual Uses For Bubble Gum

    When your gum loses its flavor after about seven seconds of chewing (lookin' at you, Juicy Fruit), save it for a variety of potential uses.

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    Though its primary use will most likely still remain as a breath tamer before a date, gum has a number of other uses that you may not have known about.

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    1. Retrieve valuable items that fell down the drain.

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    Use a piece of bubble gum attached to a small weight (e.g., a fishing weight, a heavy necklace pendant) or a wire hanger, and recover items you thought would be lost forever, such as earrings, or — on a larger scale, in a bigger drain, with wayyy more gum — keys.

    2. Fill cracks and holes.

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    Dropped a ceramic pot, flower vase, or your favorite Precious Moments figurine? Seal the crack with a bit of tacky bubble gum.

    3. Repair your loose eyeglasses.

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    Whether your lens is on its way out or the arm is loose, take some tacky, already chewed gum and make a temporary fix before getting your glasses repaired. If they break down the middle, you should probably still use tape. #nerdalert.

    4. Fix your car's leaky radiator or exhaust pipe until you can get to the mechanic.

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    In an emergency situation, you can use chewed gum to plug the hole in your radiator or exhaust, and drive straight to the mechanic. We're talking about a hole around the size of a pinhole, so if your issue seems to be on a much larger scale, keep your gum in your mouth and call your mechanic.

    5. Treat heartburn (even though you knew that last slice of pizza was a bad idea).

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    A piece of spearmint gum contains oils that can settle your stomach, relieve heartburn, and act as an antiflatulent. Chewing gum also acts as a digestive aid because the excess saliva produced helps to neutralize stomach acids. Read more about this here.

    6. Make beautiful gum art.


    Jamie Marraccini is a gum-obsessed artist who began smearing chewed gum on walls and making art out of it back in 1998. Learn more about Jamie here, and make your own gum art with one of his kits.

    7. Attach papers when your stapler is out of staples.

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    If you don't mind your business report or school paper smelling like minty freshness, that is.

    8. Recycle as fish bait.

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    You already chewed up the gum and you were prepared to throw out the wrapper — but catfish love bubble gum flavors and the sparkle that comes from the silver wrapper, and crabs love spearmint. Who knew?

    9. Secure a loose window pane.

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    Use gum as putty to keep your glass window from falling out of the frame and smashing into a million pieces. Like with all temporary fixes, though, it should probably get fixed for real sometime soon!

    10. Repel bugs.

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    A piece of spearmint gum inside of dry good in your house (flour, cornmeal, etc.) is a good natural repellent to keep away mealworms and other creepy crawlies.

    11. Make bubble gum vodka.

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    Use bubble gum in a grownup (over 21) way and infuse plain ol' vodka to make a delicious pink beverage for parties (or Tuesday nights). Mmmm.

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