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11 Unusual Uses For Bubble Gum

When your gum loses its flavor after about seven seconds of chewing (lookin' at you, Juicy Fruit), save it for a variety of potential uses.

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Though its primary use will most likely still remain as a breath tamer before a date, gum has a number of other uses that you may not have known about.

1. Retrieve valuable items that fell down the drain.

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Use a piece of bubble gum attached to a small weight (e.g., a fishing weight, a heavy necklace pendant) or a wire hanger, and recover items you thought would be lost forever, such as earrings, or — on a larger scale, in a bigger drain, with wayyy more gum — keys.


3. Repair your loose eyeglasses.

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Whether your lens is on its way out or the arm is loose, take some tacky, already chewed gum and make a temporary fix before getting your glasses repaired. If they break down the middle, you should probably still use tape. #nerdalert.

4. Fix your car's leaky radiator or exhaust pipe until you can get to the mechanic.

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In an emergency situation, you can use chewed gum to plug the hole in your radiator or exhaust, and drive straight to the mechanic. We're talking about a hole around the size of a pinhole, so if your issue seems to be on a much larger scale, keep your gum in your mouth and call your mechanic.

5. Treat heartburn (even though you knew that last slice of pizza was a bad idea).

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A piece of spearmint gum contains oils that can settle your stomach, relieve heartburn, and act as an antiflatulent. Chewing gum also acts as a digestive aid because the excess saliva produced helps to neutralize stomach acids. Read more about this here.


8. Recycle as fish bait.

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You already chewed up the gum and you were prepared to throw out the wrapper — but catfish love bubble gum flavors and the sparkle that comes from the silver wrapper, and crabs love spearmint. Who knew?


9. Secure a loose window pane.

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Use gum as putty to keep your glass window from falling out of the frame and smashing into a million pieces. Like with all temporary fixes, though, it should probably get fixed for real sometime soon!