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    33 Products Every iPhone Addict Will Want


    1. A bag that charges your phone.

    2. A brush that helps you take the best selfie.

    3. A fancy clip-on lens to up your photo-taking game.

    4. A grassy charging station for all of your devices.

    5. A pocket projector to display your screen wherever you go.

    6. A wireless memory card that gives your camera and phone magical powers.

    7. An instant smartphone printer for all of your polaroid-worthy snaps.

    8. A selfie stick to ensure the whole gang gets involved in the action.

    9. A bluetooth shutter remote to take group shots with ease.

    10. A laser projection keyboard to type on-the-go.

    11. A rotating stand to take flawless 360º panoramas or time-lapse videos.

    12. A digital conversion table to get your old records onto your iTunes.

    13. A stereo recording microphone attachment.

    14. A film scanner to put your old camera film straight onto Instagram.

    15. An attachable lens-style camera so your DSLR can stay home.

    16. A universal bike mount to improve your ride.

    17. A wireless/bluetooth gaming controller to take the game anywhere.

    18. A detachable lens kit for app-free special effects and filters.

    19. A car mount that slides into your cup holder.

    20. An easy on/off macro lens rubber band.

    21. Ten-digit touch screen gloves for cold weather texting emergencies.

    22. A key-sized lightning to USB cable for charging anywhere and everywhere.

    23. A case with a built-in bottle opener.

    24. A wooden camera case.

    25. A metallic lightning cable to make charging chic.

    26. A case to wrap up your wires like a taquito.

    27. A cordless charger that's with you always.

    28. A credit card reader to make your business portable.

    29. A colorful Bluetooth speaker to play your tunes wherever you please.

    30. A reusable screen cleaner to wipe away dirt and bacteria from your devices.

    31. A Bluetooth-enabled lock for your house that opens at your touch.

    The QBracelet will charge your phone on-the-go, and you will look like you are sporting a fancy wearable that is counting your steps. The ultimate deceit.

    Get it for $125.

    Make any pair of headphones Bluetooth-compatible with this little guy that can go with you everywhere. Use your phone without the long headphone wire sticking out of it, and have buttons to change your music or end your phone call literally at your fingertips. Bonus: the Smartbean will clip onto almost anything for hands-free optimization.

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