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Parents Guess The Meanings Of 2014 Buzz Words

Bae: /Bæ/ noun 1. bring amazing eats; 2. bloated after eating.

We asked our parents if they know the meanings of some popular buzz words of 2014 including "bae," "vape," and "on fleek."

Results varied.

Some parents took an honest to goodness stab at the possible meaning.

Lara Parker / BuzzFeed

And scene. Bye. 💁

Emmy Favilla / BuzzFeed

She's her own biggest fan, and clearly proud of her inventiveness (as she should be).

Some parents showed off their internet prowess.

Nick Wray / BuzzFeed

To an almost annoying degree...


One dad got real sassy with it.


A source, a definition, and an example. Dad? More like human dictionary.

A few parents were so down with the kids.

Chantel Houston / BuzzFeed

You heard right, Mom.

This mom happened to guess correctly, to the surprise of her offspring.

Tamerra Griffin / BuzzFeed

A ridiculous word indeed, but you done good.

Some parents knew what was up.

Monique Melendez / BuzzFeed

Like, obv.


This dad didn't even wait for an answer to his context question, he just spat out everything he knew. ::Pharrell hat emoji::

But the honest (and failing) attempts kept flowing in.


Good try.

Lara Parker / BuzzFeed

Another great try.

Kirsten King / BuzzFeed

Ah, those cray cray kids. 🙈

And then there were some of our sweet, sweet parents who had absolutely no idea what they were being asked.


Not even gonna try...

Alessia Santoro / BuzzFeed

Train of thought = unclear.

Jim Waterson / BuzzFeed
Carl Milner / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 62766743@N07

I mean, he's not wrong about Bridlington Bay.

Valiant effort all around, parents. 👍

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