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    Posted on Nov 23, 2014

    19 Tees For The Ultimate Bacon Lover

    Bacon > life.

    1. A simple proclamation of love tee.

    2. A more threatening proclamation of love tee.


    Still true though.

    3. A bacon quote tee.

    4. A bold confession tee.


    Me too.

    5. A tee with a play on great lyrics.


    All you other piggies can't deny...

    6. Cooking advice tee. Or just life advice, really.

    7. A healing message tee.


    It really does, doesn't it?

    8. A fitness solution tee.

    9. A tee to tell your crush you're into it.

    10. A scientific message tee.

    11. And one for the less science saavy.

    12. A tee with a message for dreamers.

    13. A tee with a better way to use a hand dryer.


    A girl can dream.

    14. A tee with a better reason to swim fast.

    15. Letter association tee.

    16. A male specific admission of love tee.

    17. And its female counterpart.

    18. A straight up strips of bacon tee.


    Well done to perfection.

    19. A scented tee option.


    For optimal mate attraction and selection.