32 Ridiculously Hysterical Faces Of “New Girl’s” Nick Miller

Because New Girl would be absolutely nothing without this gem of a man. And his limitless facial expressions.

1. Frustrated Face

Sometimes it’s difficult to explain the feels.

2. Reasoning With A Lie Face

Honesty is the best policy, Nicholas.

4. Creeped Out Face

5. Nervous Face

It’s in the eyes.

6. Sexy Face

Get down witcha bad self, Nicky.

7. Philosophical Face

But what of the lettuce?

8. Defeated Face

It’s okay Nick, I say “Bingo”.

9. Dazed And Confused Face

We’re all a little lost, Miller.

11. Pain Face


Like the distraught face of a screaming newborn baby.

12. Spastic Wink Face

The sheer amount of people who cannot wink flawlessly is incredible.

14. Mocking Face (With Mustache Attachment)


Though that mustache hardly gives him the right to mock anybody but himself.

15. Flirty Face

But Winston though.

16. Disbelieving Face

Interchangeable with “Disgusted Face” and “Too Much Information Face”.

17. Inspirational Proclamation Face

This one belongs on a greeting card.

18. Tough Guy Face


Because thug life.

19. Uncomfortable Face

Fox / Via vulture.com

In the arms of the angel, fly away from here.

20. Longing Face

It’s all in the chin protrusion.

21. Awkward Face

This one about sums up all of them.

22. Feelin’ It Face


23. Disapproving Face

So it’s a hard no, then?

24. Smug Face

Schmidt and Cece’s synchronized eye rolls are everything.

25. Obvious Declaration Face

26. Finger Gun Face

Fox / Via vulture.com

27. Lying Face


28. Life Advice Face

29. Informational Face

30. Eye Roll Face

Zero words necessary.

31. Raw Fear Face

Fox / Via vulture.com

I wish there was a GIF of this entire scene.

32. Reality Sucks Face

Fox / Via giphy.com

But they’re some pretty entertaining lemons.

Never change, Nick Miller.

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