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21 Times Eye Rolling Is Completely Justified

Because sass.

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5. When your friend simply cannot go out because she'll be celebrating the 23rd month anniversary of the first time her and her boyfriend both wore plaid on the same day by accident.

8. When the person next to you on a packed mode of public transportation is on the phone yapping about how her friend and that guy from last night "were just so gross".


10. When you spend ten minutes carefully crafting a group text including the answers to all possible response questions, and someone still just does. not. get. it.


14. When you tell someone that you haven't seen a movie yet, but they proceed to outline every plot point in great detail, sparing you only the very last few minutes (if you're lucky).

17. When half of your preset radio stations are playing the same song.

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Even top 40 stations should have at least 40 songs to choose from. Why do I hear the same three?


Fine print: eye rolling is continuously necessary in an infinite number of ways. Roll on.

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