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    19 Dogs Demonstrating "Sun's Out, Tongue's Out"

    I just made that up, though it should probably be a thing now. But please, don't let me discourage you from continuing to display your muscles in the sun.

    Dogs hang their tongues out of their mouthes when they get hot. And it’s cute. And funny. And like, science, too.

    1. Chase*

    2. Shelly*


    She's just happy to be here.

    3. Martin*

    4. Jermaine*


    5. Josephine*


    She's beauty and she's grace...

    6. Licorice*

    7. Sully*


    Just the tip...

    8. Axel*

    9. Jimmy*


    Is this even real? It might not even be real. It's not real.

    10. Bruce*

    11. Sandra*


    Werk that tan, girl.

    12. Owen*

    13. Boo Boo*


    *raspberry noise*

    14. Jonathan*, Moe*, Anne-Marie* & Carlton*

    15. Tigger*

    16. Rex*


    Cooling off on the go the only way a boss knows how.

    17. Lucy*

    18. Ferris*


    Cool, calm, and collected.

    19. Dwayne*


    Nailed it.

    *These names are entirely made up.

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