12 One Direction Expression GIFs To Make You Laugh, Cry, And Smile

Because the time to admire adorable British boys in tight pants is all the time. Warning: it’s an emotional journey.

1. The “Scream Like One Of Our Fans” Face.

A classic, but what is more entertaining to me is that Louis is genuinely shocked at whatever high-pitched screech Liam is making.

2. The “Take Your Breath Away” Smolder.

Just take deep breaths and look away. Look back. Repeat.

3. The “Oh My, I’m So Adorably Cute When I Laugh” Giggle.

But I mean, he’s cocky for a reason.

4. The Subtle “Here’s A Few Of My Gorgeous Teeth” Grin.

Refer back to Liam in number 1 for what you should look like right now.

5. The “Oh Stop, You’re Too Kind. I Know How Good I Look” Head Shake.

6. The “Ha! Look How Cute I’ve Always Been” Look Of Modest Disbelief.

7. The “I’m A Pretty Ballerina” With Flawless Form.

Oh yes you are, handsome.

8. The “Ooooh, Look At Us We’re So Playful!” Sequence.


9. The “I Can’t Take Anything Seriously In This Sweater” Stare.

But really, what is that sweater about?

10. The “I’ve Finally Realized You’re Alive And I’m Going To Plant A Smooch” Fakeout Because It’s A Camera And Not Your Face.

It’s okay to be sad about it.

11. The “I Make The Only Duck Face In The World You Don’t Want To Punch” (Maybe).

Paired with this epic mop of hair, I kind of want to punch him. But it’s cut now so water under the bridge, I suppose.

12. The “Look Into My Endless Ocean Eyes And Let Me Steal Your Heart Forever” Facial Zoom.

For the love of windswept hair and baby blues.

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