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25 Questions You Ask Yourself On The Verge Of 25

Why does everyone around keep saying I'm an adult?

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1. My students have finally graduated from high school, what a day! Wait… They were born in 1998, aren't they like 10?

2. Didn't I graduate a year ago myself? Oh, right, I did. From the university. With a master's degree.

3. Why do teenagers look older than me?

Seriously, what kind of magic is it?

Seriously, what kind of magic is it?

4. When will it be too late to find a proper job with taxes, retirement benefits and stuff? I quite enjoy being self-employed.

5. Why is everyone around getting married? Should I?

6. Where's my husband-to-be then?

7. How do people know when they're ready to settle down? Am I?

8. There's no way we're allowed to have kids at this age. Or are we?

9. Or are we even supposed to have kids at this age? How do the rules of nature work?

10. Am I allowed to watch youtubers? Or am I too old for it? Marcus Butler is quite delightful to watch, though.

11. Do I substitute real life with TV shows? Obviously, not. "Doctor Who" is not a substitution, it's a ray of sunshine in our ruthless world.

12. When will my metabolism betray me?

13. Should I visit a doctor just in case?

14. Why don't I leave everything and move to Paris? Pourquoi, bloody hell, pas?

16. What goals should I have achieved by now?

17. Have I set adult goals for the next five years? (Scary to say: by the time I'll be 30).

18. How come I'm an old soul afraid of getting old?

19. Do I live a full life? Or do I waste the best years of my life?

20. Isn't 25 just a number?

21. Is it early to worry about getting older? But… "I'm so mad I'm getting old, it makes me reckless"- even Adele is concerned with this highly disturbing fact

22. How do you stop being anxious and accept the inevitable?

23. Am I stepping in a better phase in life?

24. Why do I even have doubts? Of course, I am!

25. And lastly… Do I have a crush on Marcus Butler? Am I allowed to? Do adults have crushes on people from the world of fame and unicorns?

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