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19 Thoughts I Had Playing “Gordon Ramsay Dash”

My nervous system will never be the same again.

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Recently Gordon Ramsay launched an app called “Gordon Ramsay Dash." As I’m a person prone to procrastination — and since I'm not an idiot sandwich — I didn’t hesitate to download it. Here are my thoughts while playing:

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1. How many times have I already apologized to an animated Gordon Ramsay?

2. Damn, this game makes me hungry.

3. What's wrong with this chicken? Eat it! *in a second* "Season the f*cking dish!" – Oh, that makes sense.

4. "Is it good? Yes. Is it your best? No." Story of my life.

5. Gordon Ramsay just said I'm on fire! 🔥🍳

6. Oh no, I'm so sorry!


8. Ohmygod stop apologizing! He is NOT real.

Glu Games Inc

9. Why have I chosen to play a game that lowers my self-esteem?

10. No, wait. He's just said he'd be proud to serve my food in one of his restaurants!

11. I guess I'm a professional chef now.

12. Wait… Does playing "Ramsay Dash" count as procrastination or a self-motivational training course?

13. When he says "Oh, fine," and "Umm, pretty good," I feel like I've failed this city.

14. "What are you doing over there?" Just questioning my whole existence.

15. "That's it! Shut this f*cking sh*thole down!" iiiisn't exactly what I want to hear at 2 a.m.

16. However, the compliments are flattering.

17. ...The animated Gordon Ramsay is nearly as hot as the real one. Especially in his "Fire Gordon" mode. Literally hot.

18. Shit.

19. I'm addicted.

All in all, I enjoy this game a lot and recommend you to try it.

Glu Games Inc

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