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    • aleksy

      nice piece, butidon’t know if these are indeed the most important assumptions, or biggest problems, we got in Jewish world. as for Manischewitz,iwas once in Israel with the “Jewish Impact Film” group, and we wanted to makeafunny TV ad-parody propping Jewish way of life,,even came up with the concept of ”schewitz girls’(like Chivas girls, you know). and what do you think? there was no Manischewitz to be found anywhere! it’s not sold in Israel;apurely American vine, it seems as for Hollywood..i don’t think it’s all that ignorant about differences among us Jews. they even made ‘The Chosen’ movie, precisely about such differences. but hey, since Hassidim are the most distinctly looking, it’s no wonder they’re at the forefront of Jewish image most often. and it would surely help if there were fewer rock-throwing gay-bashers, or internet hating iphone breakers among them. or sex predators, child molestors and carriers of “Coffin of Zionism’, for that matter
      but nice piece, again, on the whole

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