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20 Things You Shouldn't Do When Drunk

We've all been there. Right?

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1. Don't reveal all your deep secrets with half an hour of crying.

No one looks attractive when crying and, well, no one cares about your problems when drunk. No one will remember.

2. Don't put makeup on.

You can probably poke an eye out. Worse, you will look like a clown.

3. Avoid becoming a human target.

You will end up at the hospital.

4. Do not ride a bike.

You will end up at the hospital.

5. You are not spider man. DO NOT PARKOUR.

You will end up at the hospital.

6. Don't express how you really feel about others.

You now have one less friend and maybe a bruise on your face.

7. Don't start any fights.

You probably don’t know how to fight and will lose. There's a chance you will end up at the hospital.

8. Don't make the floor your bed.

There are a whole lot of unknown fluids that you will be covered in.

9. Don't puke in a cab.

It's really expensive!

10. Throwing up on your roommate is also unacceptable.

11. Peeing yourself is socially unacceptable among adults.

12. Don't open a tab.

You really don't need any more alcohol. An exorcism is what you need.

13. How about you don't play poker.

You are now in debt with friends. The worst kind.

14. Grocery shopping is not a good idea.

You will just spent a whole lot of money on unhealthy food. And probably more booze.

15. Creating a new phone password is a big NO.

Good luck!

16. Don’t dance on elevated platforms.

17. Don't take off your clothes.

18. Abstain from using your phone.

19. Especially from drunk calling or texting your parents, boss, and ex.

You will regret it.

20. You can just not get drunk..

HA! But really, do try to keep it together.

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