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Your College Experience As Told By Beer

Natty Light is the great equalizer.

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First Week of School: Budweiser

Quick, think of a beer! Any beer. You thought of Budweiser. You’re getting a Budweiser. It’s OK for now because you don’t know any better and that’s what being a freshman is all about.

First Time Your Fake ID Works: Yuengling

Your friend has a hi-def printer and no morals: you are now 32 years old, eight feet tall and a resident of Kalamazoo, Michigan. You take your freedom pass to the local bar and order the first thing you see -- it's probably a Yuengling. It is now your go-to beer for the rest of your life.


First Hookup: PBR

Finally, you're just tipsy enough at a party to make a move on that person who wears a fedora or even better, a "Life is Good" t-shirt that you can’t help but love. Grab a trendy beer -- PBR -- and try to impress them with a speech about gender binaries before leaving with them.

Optional Pledge Week: Natty Light

Frats bring out the Natty Light for pledge week because it's actually cheaper per-volume than water. You'll pick up the wrong solo cup and probably contract mono, but it will all be worth it!

Final Exams: Lagunitas

It’s finals week and you know absolutely nothing. You resolve to study drunk because at this point, why not? The strongest beer your corner store carries is the 9.7% ABV Lagunitas, so you stock up on that and hole up in your dorm for seven days straight.


Back On Campus, Like A Boss: All of the Lights

It’s sophomore year -- time to run the school. You already know all the places that will accept your fake ID but that doesn't mean you're that grown up. All of the lights -- that is Natty Light, Keystone Light, Busch Light, and Coors Light are in your mini-fridge this year.

"On A Diet": Budweiser Select 55

Those Freshman 15 are showing! You want to lose weight, but you can't stop drinking beer. It's time to become that person who drinks a light beer while everyone else is chilling with a Samuel Adams and giving you side-eye.

Spring Break: Corona

It’s a party in the city where the heat is on, all night on the beach ‘til the break of dawn— but what are you drinking? It feels right to drink Corona on the beach, with that cute little lime squished on top and a refreshing, salty breeze to finish off every sip.


Turning 21: Heineken

The day has finally come — you've turned 21! What better way to celebrate your legal drinking age than by getting free forms of alcohol at every bar you go to? Start your day off right by drinking a more acceptable beer — Heineken is your choice of entry into adulthood.

You Are So Refined Now: Stella Artois

Now that you’re drinking legally, you’re far too worldly to buy cheap beer. Your tastes now turn to foreign imports like Stella Artois and the occasional glass of wine. Cheers, darling, you’re all class.

Tailgating: Shock Top

It’s game day on campus and your friends are now organized enough to get a tailgating party together! You’ve got your food, your snacks, and all you need now is a beer that says "I'm a grown up." Shock Top definitely sounds like something a person with foresight and planning skills would drink.


Summer Internship: Dos Equis

Congratulations on scoring an internship where the employees will take you out for a post-work drink! You choose a beer that sounds as sophisticated as you feel and order a Dos Equis. The whole office now refers to you as “the most interesting intern in the world."

Study Abroad: Guinness

You go study abroad for one reason only: to party. You will literally try every beer within reach -- You're trying to embrace the local culture, right? Depending on your country of stay, you'll try Guinness, Aspall, Bock, Stella Artois, and lots of cider.


Impending Doom of Graduation: Mystery Solo Cup

The semester is winding down, spring is in the air and suddenly, you're in the middle of your last final and graduation is next. The only way to cope is by drinking whatever beer is in the closest red solo cup — who even knows what beer is in it but you'll drink it anyway. YOSO! (You Only Senior Once)

Graduation: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

A special occasion calls for an often times fancier ale. This will be your chance to leave beer behind and try something more potent. Try liquor or wine, then binge drink your favorite beer.

Adulthood: Liquor

Being an adult is great and while there are more choices of alcohol than ever, there will always be a special place in your heart for beer. Adulthood is hard but a power hour or shot o'clock is the best way to get through your twenties. Cheers!

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