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    21 Things All Commuter College Students Know To Be True

    Because dorms are, like, totally overrated.

    1. It's extremely hard to meet new people because everyone still hangs out with their high school clique.

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    2. No one ever wants to get together for school projects because they all live in different parts of the city.

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    3. There's hardly anyone who participates in extracurricular school activities.

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    4. It's really hard having school spirit at sporting events because hardly anyone shows up, but you try to humor the cheerleading squad.

    5. Finding a parking space is close to impossible since just about everyone drives.

    6. You struggle to identify with all the 40-year-olds in your classes who know nothing about Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, or Kanye West.

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    7. In-between class naps on the back seat of your car are totally normal.

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    8. The whole campus turns into a ghost town after 7 p.m.

    9. All the money you save by living at home disappears every time you have to fill up your gas tank.

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    10. Every day you have to wake up early to plan your day and have enough time to commute.

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    11. You probably drive at least 30 minutes to get to school, so you get tired of listening to the "Top 40" over and over again.

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    12. Being stuck in a traffic jam is your number one excuse, and most professors think it's legit.

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    13. If you ever forget your homework, you can't just run back to your non-existent dorm and get it.

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    14. If you live at home, staying out past 1 a.m. is a fantasy because you have a curfew. You know what your parents say, "My house! My rules!"

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    15. You worry that when you're old you wont have that many crazy stories to tell because you didn't go to a traditional party school.

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    16. Some semesters, you have to wake up early, drive to campus, ON A WEEKEND, for ONE CLASS!

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    17. Missing the notification that class was cancelled is the worst because you wasted a quarter of your gas tank to get there.

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    18. You take summer school and winter semesters because you live at home and there is nowhere else you can go for the breaks.

    19. But, going to a commuter school also means you save a lot of green on tuition and housing.

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    20. And you can just chill at your parents' house without any worries.

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    21. So just stay in school and endure the next four years!

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