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    These Spiders Will Cure Your Arachnophobia With Their Cuteness

    Beware: You might suffer from cute aggression.

    Be introduced to the cutest spiders on planet Earth, the Jumping Spiders.


    They are part of the Salticidae arachnid family.

    They are extremely cute as babies.


    They are also harmless and have over 4,000 species all over this wonderful world.

    And are still extremely cute all grown up.


    They even like to accessorize with cool dew hats.

    Look how they move their small adorable claws.


    Most can be found in tropical areas, but they also live in cold regions like the Himalayas.

    And their family portraits are the best.


    These friendly spiders also reside in North America. There are 300 known species on this continent.

    They have super suave moments that hypnotize you.


    That's if you weren't already hypnotized by their cute-as-a-button eyes.

    And look, they look super cool playing the drums! Ram-pumpum-pum.


    These spiders are known to be extremely agile, so for them to play instruments would kinda make sense.

    Some are also very colorful and beautiful.

    Like this Peacock Jumping spider, which loves to show its true colors.

    Hello! Don't fear me, please!

    This poor little crawler is more scared of you than you are of him.

    I hope your arachnophobia has been cured...

    ...and that we can be friends now.


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