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    19 Struggles Every Third Wheel Knows To Be True

    Come with us, they said. It will be fun, they said. LIES!

    1. You are constantly being disappointed by your BFF because your quality time is always shared with their significant other.

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    “Oh, he’s coming again? …Fun...”

    2. Your conversations with them always end up being an intervention on your love life.

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    Which mostly consist of offensive questions.

    3. You have to constantly remind your friends that being single is a cool lifestyle.

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    4. You also try to convince yourself that you don't need anyone.

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    NBC Universal /

    Besides, you only meet weird people on Tinder and all those other dating apps.

    5. Whenever they hug or hold hands you somehow end up tangled up with them.

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    Yay love... Help!

    6. Every time you go out to eat you have no choice but to sit alone on the other side of the booth.

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    A friendly reminder of your #foreveralone status.

    7. Splitting checks is always a very awkward and shameful moment.

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    You sometimes wait a little to see if they offer to pay for you. Every now and then you get free meals and drinks.

    8. You spend a lot of time being ignored because your friends are obsessing over each other's love and affection.

    J's life. #thirdwheel @jodymarble @Emidodson24

    Abby Latham@abbylat16

    J's life. #thirdwheel @jodymarble @Emidodson24

    10:13 PM - 11 Apr 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

    9. When you go walking around town you are always seen following them like a sad puppy on a leash.

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    Always two feet behind them. You don't want to be up in their tracks, but you don't want to go stray either.

    10. At the clubs you are always dancing alone, awkwardly looking at everyone who is grinding up on each other.

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    Go ahead, take those five tequila shots to numb the pain.

    11. Going to amusement parks is the worst because it’s a 100 percent guarantee that you will be alone or be stuck with some random person.

    Shoutout to the couple on Space Mountain who thought making out on the ride was a good idea #thirdwheel

    Lauren Spellman@LSpell619

    Shoutout to the couple on Space Mountain who thought making out on the ride was a good idea #thirdwheel

    1:37 AM - 26 May 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    12. When you go to a party you are no longer the third wheel, but the fifth, seventh or even the ninth wheel.


    Couples tend to only be friends with other couples it seems.

    13. You have to deal with your friends setting you up on a lot of blind double dates.

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    You think you are going alone with them to the movies — SURPRISE, you are not! There is no way out!!

    14. You always have to deal with that weird friend nobody likes on game nights.

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    They're single, you're single, perfect matching for a team!

    15. The worst part of being a third wheel is being a witness to all the PDA.

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    And you'll have no choice but to stay there and watch.

    16. The PDA will never stop.

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    17. A lot of the times you will just stare into the distance and question your own love life.

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    If I pretend to die right now, would they keep making out?

    18. You regret going out with them 98 percent of the time.

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    Staying home and surfing the web obviously would have been more comfortable.

    19. You learn that alcohol is the best solution to being a third wheel.

    Cheers to third wheeling it!

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