28 Inspiring Decor Ideas To Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Because even when you are home, you are constantly wanting to see the world.

1. Turn off the lights and let the message of travel shine through.

Get this night light.

2. Open the door to new worlds every time you step outside your room.

See it here.

3. Get this massive world map to remind you of all the land you’ve yet to discover.

Get this wall decal.

4. This tray will help you put money aside for everyday adventures.

Get it here.

5. Let the world nest your dreams.

Buy the pillow here.

6. Keep a collection of travel guides and photo albums of your trips between these two bookends.

Get the globes here.

7. Scratch off every country you have visited with this interactive map.

Start scratching off places here.

8. Get inspired to travel around the world with this globe that mimics the sparkling city lights.

Get it here.

9. Bring the world into your room with this minimalist design. Ideal for those who love typography.

Get every detail here.

10. Escape to the calming waters of the sea every time you sit down to work.

Find the escape here.

11. Bring all your travels to your room and pin these antique push-pins all over.

Get them here.

12. Your camera can also be a reminder to go outside and capture more memories.

Start snapping pictures here.

13. Crack the world open and go on a spin with some drinks.

Carry the world on your shoulders here.

14. You can also wrap yourself in the world while you sleep.

Get it here.

15. Don’t think twice with this sign encouraging you to see new places.

Get this here.

16. Let your hangers teach you a thing or two about traveling.

See more here.

17. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and aspire to go to Paris.

Look for it here.

18. Work and travel, or travel and work. This luggage desk will have you constantly thinking of grabbing your bags and leaving.

Take a look here.

19. Booze is always an essential part of traveling, right?

The ideal luggage to store all your drink necessities.

20. It’s always time to travel.

Get a look here.

21. Let the world illuminate you and turn a globe into some headlamps.

See these here.

22. Wake up every morning to the horizon of a safari.

Get the whole view here.

23. Keep track of all the major cities on your bucket list.

See all the locations here.

24. Label all the places you have gone and all those that you will travel to next.

See how here.

25. Turn your headboard into the ideal scenic view to wake up to every morning.

Get the view here.

26. Whether you want to hang it up or have it as a bed cover, this tapestry is right for you.

Buy it here.

27. Let your mind explore every time you take a shower behind this curtain.

Purchase it here.

28. A room can never be complete without an old classic map of the world.

Get it here.

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