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The 11 Most WTF Moments In Miley Cyrus' Insane New Video

Miley Cyrus hung out with Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips and literally lost her brain.

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On July 7, Miley Cyrus and the Flaming Lips released a new video featuring American DJ Moby. The video revolves around the mission to get John F. Kennedy's brain, which holds the secret formula to the LSD drug.

1. The week-old video starts with Miley Cyrus, who is in a drug-induced coma while she holds what is supposed to be JFK's brain.

2. Moby, a power-hungry cult leader who wants the brain, sends a henchwoman to steal it.

3. She's a Manson-esque blonde superfreak who runs around naked with glittery strings.

4. Miley wakes up and freaks the fuck out.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Flaming Lips front man Wayne Coyne discussed the video.

"This is the video we originally intended to be for a song that has a reference to the drug LSD," said Coyne in an interview with "We were lucky enough to get a couple of hours with a bedridden Miley Cyrus. And even though she was still quite ill, she was full of laughs and great absurd suggestions."

Cyrus was hospitalized in April due to an allergic reaction she had to an antibiotic in Kansas City.

Her time away from the Bangerz Tour was then used to create the video.

5. The pursuit for the brain then begins when Miley sends a burned-faced Santa and a lesbian Bigfoot after superfreak. Oh, and both have what seems to be swastika bands.

6. Out of the flower power Beetle, through a cloud of pink smoke, and up a parking garage stairwell.

7. Meanwhile, the Flaming Lips, dressed as rainbows, clouds, and mushrooms, perform in the sky and watch the chase happen.

8. Moby gets powerful rainbows from Hell.

9. And Miley's secret agents get killed by the blonde. Miley seems okay with it, though.

10. Then multiple glitter and rainbow explosions happen in the sky! WOAH!!! This is also the death of superfreak blonde.

11. In the end no one gets the brain. The victor is a mole rat in the prairie.

In conclusion:

Watch the "Blonde SuperFreak Steals the Magic Brain" video here.

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