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16 Unexpected Quotes That Make Miley Cyrus The Voice Of Our Generation

Nobody's perfect! You live and you learn it!

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Whether you were in love with this girl.

Studios Wishbone / Via

Or are currently in love with this girl.

You have to admit that Miley Cyrus speaks wise words. Pick up a thing or two from her.

1. On being judged as a person:

HOT 97 / Via

2. On being an optimist:

3. On change:

Disney Channel / Via

Even if it comes from a character she played, it still applies.

4. She even speaks to the parents of her fans:

CBS Paramount Domestic Television / Via

5. And gives advice to other celebrities:

NBC / Via

6. She has a point when it comes to education:

BBC R1 / Via

But stay in school, kids.

7. On happiness:

8. She knows who's important:

MTV / Via

9. On fame:

10. On life goals:

11. On embracing freedom of speech:

MileyCyrusVEVO / Via

12. On people who don't know any better:

ABC / Via

13. On faith:

MUCH / Via

14. On her criminal record:

NBC / Via

15. On the idea of perfection:

The Showbiz 411 / Via

16. And on being yourself:

MTV / Via

Thanks, Miley.

MileyCyrusVEVO / Via

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