How Would You Rewrite The Ending Of Your Favorite TV Show?

Everyone has their own director’s cut. *Spoiler Alert (If you are behind on certain shows).*

1. Everyone has that one show they love no matter what…

2. But not every fan is happy with the way their favorite show ends.

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Everyone seems to hate the way HIMYM ended. Like, why kill the mom and split up Barney and Robin? Fan-made versions are sometimes way better.

3. Heroes is another example of an unsatisfying ending.

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They tried doing a 360 with Claire exposing her healing powers to the camera, but that was so 2004. The fans need answers! What happened after Claire exposed herself to the world?! Hopefully we get answers when the series gets a reboot with “Heroes Reborn.”

4. Then there is this show that Lost all its respect from fans.

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An epic show deserved an epic ending.

5. Then there are shows like Gossip Girl with random plot twists.

Dan is the gossip girl, really?! No one saw it coming. NO ONE.

6. But keep on dreaming and share your ideal ending to your favorite show. Add yours below!

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