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28 Struggles Of Growing Up With An Older Brother

One day you'll get along with them. One day.

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2. You would always get punished for something you didn't do because he knew how to manipulate your parents more than you did.

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Mom: "Who painted the dog blue?"

You: "Not me!"

Wrong, it was you. Not your brother. It's always you.


8. He never gave up in finding creative ways to convince you that you were adopted.


Your parents would always rush to console you and tell you otherwise while your brother stood in the corner with a smirk on his face and without any remorse.

10. You were always the victim of all his evil jokes.

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Whether it was an alien attack or the death of your pet, you would always believe what your brother said despite the numerous lies he had told you in the past.

11. You were also the target of physical abuse or as your brother would call it "brotherly love."


It looked bad, but you would come out A-OK! He only meant to show you his love.


14. You had so many fights with him in which you would end up crying and your parents forced you to hug it out.

You gave each other enough time to regain your strength so you could go at it again later.

15. The pointless fights NEVER ended.

And you hardly ever got a victory.


22. Sharing is not your best quality because of that one time he never returned your scooter, and that one time you broke his action figure.


28. And you know that he will always be there for you.

Oh, brother!

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