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    Extreme Ironing Is The Insane Sport You Probably Never Knew About

    Because ironing at your house is too mainstream.

    Say hello to Extreme Ironing! The hottest, most outrageous sport of them all!

    Via REX USA

    It's the sport where you take your ironing board...

    Walther Siksma / Via Flickr: entropy69

    ...and take it to an extreme location...

    nick@ / Via Flickr: nic1 you can have an amazing portrait that will impress everyone.

    Marco Hernández / Via Flickr: emeahacheese

    You can start with simple natural settings, like, up on a tree!

    Phil / Via Flickr: redrocket

    Or on the edge of a cliff.

    Dominic Smith / Via Flickr: dnas2

    If you're sporty, then you'll definitely want to give ironBOARDING a try.

    Jade Berman / Via Flickr: divedivajade

    You can do it in the tundra.

    Via REX USA

    Or you can do it in the desert.

    Via REX USA

    Ain't no mountain high enough for your ironing board.

    Via REX USA

    Or maybe it's better down where it's wetter under the sea.

    Via REX USA

    Invite all your friends and make it a PARTAYYY!

    Tim Moran / Via REX USA

    Be adventurous and go bouldering with your board.

    Doug Blaine / Via REX USA

    Repelling your competition will be easy if you iron HANGING from a rock.

    Doug Blaine / Via REX USA

    If you live in the city, no problem! Standing in the middle of the highway counts as extreme.

    ITV / Via REX USA

    Or be completely fearless and iron your work clothes on a moving car.

    Via REX USA

    Now anyone can be Iron Man!

    communitychannel / Via