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21 Universal Truths Of Being A Taurus

Being stubborn is not your only quality.

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1. People always complain about your stubbornness, but you like to think of it as persistence.

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2. You tend to be very possessive and territorial, but that's good because you take extremely good care of what's yours.

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3. "Ugh, I'm literally dying." — You, being too dramatic about practically everything.

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4. You get jealous quite easily, but you're an expert at putting on a good face and hiding it.

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5. You're an ambitious person who demands the best of yourself...

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6. ...And the best of others as well.

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7. You're an extremely hardworking person that focuses on very specific goals, so you let nothing get in your way.

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8. You know the value of financial stability and living comfortably.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

9. You exude sensuality so people are always crushing on you.

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10. You take pride in your accomplishments, but you're never cocky.

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11. People often mistake you for a pessimist, but you're actually a realist. You're incredibly grounded and can see situations objectively.

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12. Underneath your tough exterior, you're actually a very sensitive and artistic person who sees beauty in everything.

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13. You're overall a good-natured person, but you can be extremely impatient.

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Nothing is more aggravating to you than a screen that says, "buffering."

14. If procrastination was an Olympic sport you'd probably win a gold medal.

15. You often neglect your love life because you are fiercely independent.

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16. You're often accused of being emotionally detached, which is not true because you secretly have a big heart.

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17. You're known to hold grudges, so your friends know not to upset you.

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18. Everyone entrusts you with all their secrets because you're possibly the most loyal person ever.

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19. You're very reliable, so even if you're mad at all your friends, you'll be there for them.

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20. And though you can, on occasion, handle conflict passive aggressively...

21. ...People constantly want to be your friend because of how loving and accepting you are of others.

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