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People Are Making Couple's Costumes Memes On Twitter And It Will Make Any Vine User Feel Nostalgic AF

"Are you ready for it?"

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This year, Twitter users decided to post Vine references as cute couple's costume ideas for Halloween.

The posts featured a bunch of screenshots from viral videos like this one...

The famous "I'm in my mum's car" video...

and the "girl, you're thicker than a bowl of oatmeal" Vine.

Some made their own contributions in threads like this one:

@glitterytiddies a better couples costume idea

As well as combinations like this one:

And this potato and fan couple's costume.

This couples costume idea is dedicated specifically to the ones who miss vine

Other ideas included the "why are you running?" scene:

The Walmart rat prank:

cute couple halloween costume idea 😍❤️

This magic combo:

"Whoever threw that paper, your mom's a hoe."

Gavin's confused reaction:

The "Woooow" Vine:

*"Old English" plays in the background*

This viral dancing video:

okay but this as a couples costume >>>>

The "he needs some milk" Vine:

A two-person "who is she?" idea:

and the "are you telling me to shut up?" video.

why hasn’t anyone made the shut up vine a couples costume idea lmao

A lot of people were here for it:

Y'all really expect me to laugh at every couples costume vine joke bc that's exactly what imma do

the couples costume meme is my favourite because it combines my two favourite things, halloween and vine references

The Vine nostalgia was truly in full swing with some going as far as considering a recreation:

If anyone wants to do a couples costume of the vine “I ain’t ever gonna stop loving you bitch” HMU

ᴴᵉʰᵉ ˢᵒ ᵘʰʰᵐᵐᵐ who's vine educated and wants to do a couples costume

And others were clearly still salty about Vine's demise.

cool couples costume idea this year: go as twitter and vine and when vine starts making people at the party laugh twitter shoots it

The app still exists but in a different capacity.

this couples costume idea meme is the closest thing we’ll ever have to getting vine back the world is shit

RIP Vine

couples costume ideas off of vine classics is by far one of my favorite trends this year

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