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33 Memes That Describe Your Messy, Problematic Life

A messy bitch that lives for Lifetime-level drama.

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1. This perfect description of your personality.

Instagram: @manicpixiememequeen

3. Your home habits being triggered by work woes.

Instagram: @gothshakira

4. Trying to bond with co-workers.

Instagram: @heavyvanilla

8. The novel that is this internal drama.

Instagram: @youvegotnomale

9. This constant reminder of your bad choices.

Instagram: @bootlegducksauce

13. This journey that typically leads to your brunch appointment.

Instagram: @bootlegducksauce

14. Your persistence to stay petty in case anyone tries it.

Instagram: @lvcifers_revenge

15. How you treat guys that want commitment.

Instagram: @lvcifers_revenge

17. Your version of living on the edge.

Instagram: @cliterally

18. This truth about your intimacy issues.

Instagram: @tequilafunrise

19. Accepting how others feel about your choices.

Instagram: @heavyvanilla

20. Your emotional barrier described in two photos.

Instagram: @nochill

22. This declaration of denial.

Instagram: @nochill

24. ...or completely isolating yourself.

Instagram: @pixietang

26. Your calm demeanor being all surface.

Instagram: @heavyvanilla

33. And finally, accepting your true self.

Instagram: @heavyvanilla
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