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    Updated on Oct 13, 2018. Posted on Oct 3, 2018

    24 Tweets You'll Only Appreciate If You've Ever Been Single AF

    You've been warned.

    1. This funny response:

    me when im 30 with no kids Doctor: ur biological clock is ticking me: tik tok on the clock but th party dont stop no

    2. An honest statement:

    I genuinely do not know how to flirt...I only know how to act a fool

    3. This strategy:

    My version of flirting is looking at someone I find attractive multiple times and hoping they're braver than I am

    4. Or this strategy — a remake of a classic cheesy pickup line:

    did it hurt when u fell from the vending machine? cuz u a snack

    5. And this thought that's actually quite relatable:

    laying in bed thinkin bout how many guys have probably chosen to kill me when playing fuck marry kill

    6. This reaction:

    *press for love and affection* me:

    7. And this one:

    8. This all too common conversation:

    Family: Why would you get tattoos? They’re expensive and painful to get and they are PERMANENT! Also family: Have a baby :)

    9. This mood:

    I hate when you delete someone’s number and ur iPhone comes back with “Maybe:” maybe nothing bitch

    10. And this one:

    Missing someone is such a useless, unproductive emotion. I would like to uninstall pls

    11. This logical conclusion:

    Single at 23: “I have to go out and meet someone!” Single at 29: “If it’s meant to be the right person will find me in my home.”

    12. And this one:

    I’m bouta start sleeping at 6 pm

    13. This important announcement:

    shoot yo shot bc fall festivities are coming

    14. And this one:

    When the fine chick in the group feeling my homeboy more than me, so I gotta show her his hairline

    15. An offensive costume idea, TBH:

    My culture is not a costume

    16. This delusional response:

    me: *never talks to crush* crush: *starts dating someone else* me:

    17. And a perplexed response:

    18. This expectation:

    I never want to get pregnant because having a living spawn correlates to Facebook being my social media of choice

    19. This moment of silence:

    A moment of silence for our fallen soldier

    20. And this one that's actually pretty fair:

    Wrong time my friend.

    21. And this declaration:

    Me at the pumpkin patch looking for the perfect one 👌🏽

    22. This v relatable reaction:

    23. THIS reaction:

    *two weeks after being ghosted by a boy* boy: how have you been? me: good wbu boy: *ghosts me again* me:

    24. And finally, this burning question:

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