28 Pets In Their Costumes To Get You In The Fall Halloween Spirit

    It's just a bunch of Hocus Paw-cus.

    1. This simple but standout look.

    2. A leather outfit for an edgy cat.

    3. A real-life beanie baby squad.

    4. A spooky, not scary, mummy pup.

    5. A couple of ninja outfits for some skilled cats.

    6. Some expert-level Frankenweenie makeup.

    7. An alternative Frankenstein costume like this one.

    8. A regal costume for the cat that clearly knows who is in charge.

    9. A minion pairing like this one.

    10. A superhero outfit for the most confident of dogs.

    11. Or a group costume idea like this one.

    12. A cute gnome like this one.

    13. A classic look, like this witchy terrier's.

    14. Some bat wings for a night owl.

    15. A breakfast-themed costume for the early riser.

    16. A lion mane for the kitty that's yearning for adventure.

    17. An elaborate costume like the one on this Sharknado pug.

    18. Or a more simple shark costume for those that don't need so much flair.

    19. A VS Angel look for a confident beauty like this one.

    20. A pumpkin outfit for those that just love tradition.

    21. A giraffe costume for the wilderness seeker.

    22. This adorable toast costume for bread lovers.

    23. A Darth Vader costume for the Star Wars fan in your life.

    24. A unicorn hat for the minimalist pet like this yorkie.

    25. A doctor costume for a clever pet.

    26. A movie-themed group idea like this one.

    27. Or a TV theme that's totally on-trend.

    28. And a character costume like this cat's that truly embodies Helga Pataki's spirit.

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