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    28 Insanely Adorable Animal Tweets That'll Heal Your Soul And Water Your Crops

    Prepare to laugh and maybe cry a little.

    1. This mini speed racer:

    2. And this not so tiny (but still playful) horse:

    3. A peculiar interaction:

    4. And one that's all smiles:

    5. An adorable baby swordfish:

    A baby swordfish, this fish can grow to 39 inches in length within a year - Photograph by Juan C. Levesque

    6. This dog's *beauty* regimen:

    My dog Philby has to take allergy meds everyday but he doesn’t need to know that.

    7. And this startled reaction:

    I'd so the same

    8. This funny pun:

    Tequila Mockingbird

    9. A dog smelling a suspicious scent on their owner:

    *walks through the door smelling like another dog* my dog:

    10. These adorable friends going for a walk:

    11. And this other set of friends going for a swim:

    Drone caught the exact moment when dolphins and whales are playing. Magical moment!!!!

    12. This pampered duo:

    13. And yet another adorable interaction:

    Here is a dog feeding carrots to three rabbits and also a piglet

    14. A relatable reaction:

    Me having practice arguments in the shower that will never actually happen.

    15. And this one:

    When you're out for dinner and everyone gets their food before you.

    16. A skill that requires a buddy:

    Proof that cats rule the world

    17. And a pair of napping besties:

    Bunnies only flop over like that when they feel completely safe

    18. A soothing groom:

    19. A hungry duo:

    Did you hear that random noise? Must be food!

    20. And its kitty counterpart:

    This is the only thing I will be able to think about for the next week

    21. A hilarious reaction:

    Our fish is fucking pregnant AGAIN. She is the only fish in the tank so tell me how the fuck little miss virgin mary over here keeps getting pregnant

    22. And this genius plan:

    She never specified what kind of foot long... WELCOME HOME BENTLEY BABY

    23. This bird's experience as an exchange student:

    Best headline I’ve seen in so very long…

    24. And this cat's *experience* as a Kangaroo:

    My cat keeps sitting like this and it makes me so uncomfortable.

    25. This declaration of love that will be hard to top:

    my boyfriend got me flowers in the shape of my dog and i am in love

    26. And this cat's affectionate grip:

    27. This pal's trip to the pet store:

    28. And finally, this lovebug:

    His name is Fevzi.. He couldn’t walk because he was kicked on the streets, his rear legs didn’t work..He went under cortisone and laser treatment for a long time.. Then he healed and started walking again.. Now he’s this cute, lovebug of a cat.. 🙏🐈😊

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