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    23 Tweets You'll Only Find Funny If You're Aggressive, Dramatic, Extra, And Maybe A Little Weird

    *pretends to be shocked*

    1. This professor's way of getting his point across

    Lmaooo 💀😂 my professor really brought a mf coffin to class to say “yall test scores had me dead”

    2. This spot-on reaction

    Satan when he watched Eve eat that fruit

    3. A fair question

    4. And this meme we can all relate to

    website: “your order has been shipp..” me:

    5. The expression you keep on deck when you live for the drama

    The face you make when you already knew the T but had to act like it’s brand new information when it gets spilled t…

    6. This hilarious comparison

    ants when i drop a hot cheeto on the ground

    7. This funny assumption

    8. This totally relatable performance

    9. This awkward reply

    10. This person with very strong feelings about Cindy from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

    Goodnight to everyone, except to this fuckin' bitch. Fuck you Cindy, I will literally fight you behind a Kroger.

    11. This money move

    ur mcm out here losing hair bout stressed as shit at the thought of bitcoin plummeting meanwhile I'm out this bitch…

    12. A left swipe based on astrology comparisons

    if your zodiac sign is asparagus dont even bother being my friend because im a caprisun and we are not compatible

    13. This dig at old classmates

    i’m at that age where people from high school are starting to get married but not like everyone just the republicans

    14. This girl that was just trying to enjoy the view

    I’ve got this video earlier today and hell I want this girl to go viral! #memeworker

    15. This aggressive reaction

    Well Lauren’s a blithering idiot then, isn’t she?

    16. This guy who's just trying to live his best life

    putting tape over my Webcam thinking about how the CIA agent watched me cry everyday for a year and didn't once che…

    17. This incredulous reaction

    *goes to a 120 minute class* *professor teaches for 120 minutes*

    18. An accurate portrayal of logging on to Twitter

    me coming on twitter after a horrible day with 0 notifs knowing that nobody missed me and nobody cares about what i…

    19. A relatable depiction of someone who is ready for the tea

    Pausing my music on the train to listen to a fight

    20. This person's proposal to end the Tide Pod craze

    i really tried and died for the cause

    21. This new take on gender reveals

    a gender reveal party where its just you and your partner in a doctors office and you ask your doctor what the gend…

    22. This life update

    I changed my Netflix, Hulu, amazon and WiFi passwords while I was sick cause none of the ppl I gave it to called me…

    23. And finally, a reaction video fit for 2018

    paris hilton is 2018 and nicole richie is me

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