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    25 Tweets Anyone Who's Bilingual Can Relate To

    Translations included.

    1. This cat's ability to read:

    @el_viejopaulino / Twitter

    2. Your kidneys reacting to you drinking Fiji water:

    @CesarMauricioMG / Twitter

    3. This guy switching from English to Spanish when placing an order:

    “Por qué me haces gastar mi inglés, se me va a acabar” 🤣😩

    @bernaaixo / Twitter

    "Why do you make me waste my English? I'm going to run out of it."

    4. This "Atrevete te te" mashup:

    the type of stuff i see on facebook🤦🏽‍♂️

    @SEBASTIANNN / Twitter

    5. This girl's reaction to getting complimented often:

    Todo mundo me dice: estás bien pinche chichona. Pero nadie me dice: ¿estás bien, pinche chichona?

    @fersmichelle / Twitter

    Everybody tells me: "You're a good big-breasted woman."

    But nobody tells me: "You good, you big-breasted woman?"

    6. This reaction:

    *Looks at myself while I’m drunk*

    @Cudihumming / Twitter

    "How are you doing handsome?"

    7. This street sign:

    @monkaaaay / Twitter

    "When, dude?"

    8. And this one:

    @patrickzueq / Twitter

    Watch the original here.

    9. This genius apology:

    @nanigrrz / Twitter

    Because "Do you forgive me?" translates to "Me perdonas?" in Spanish and donas translates to doughnuts in English.

    10. This meme that hits home for any kid growing up in a Hispanic household:

    @soynubecita / Twitter

    11. This guy trying to break into his little sister's diary:

    Her alert translates to: "You fucking nosy idiot."

    12. This girl who is tired of getting asked about a boyfriend:

    I hate when my family asks “Y el novio” like damn bitch idk I’ve been trying to find him too

    @vanessaxpalma / Twitter

    Honestly, same.

    13. This personality trait:

    O soy bien perfeccionista o soy bien vale verga there is no inbetween

    @Mooontalvo / Twitter

    "I'm either a perfectionist or I don't give a fuck, there is no inbetween."

    14. This "you look good" sign that you trust too much when drunk at the bar:

    @Thefuckingp1 / Twitter

    15. This reaction to rollercoasters:

    I went to the Six Flags in Mexico today and can confirm that instead of screaming, all you hear is “no mames”

    @_pauvnaa / Twitter

    Roughly translates to: "You've gotta be kidding me" or "no fucking way."

    16. And this account balance:

    Me : What’s the move tonight ? Bank account:

    @eddiephysique / Twitter

    17. This kid's obviously dangerous disregard for the rules:

    @_originatalie_ / Twitter

    18. This truth everyone with Hispanic parents can relate to:

    Parents always be asking “donde estas?” never “como estas?” smh

    @Sliick_Niick / Twitter

    "Parents are always asking 'where are you?' and never 'how are you?' smh.

    19. This strategy:

    You know your moms gullible when you tell her you’re hanging out with friends and send her a picture of Drake & Josh.

    @serg_zamora / Twitter

    Mom: "Honey, when are you getting home?"

    Son: *sends Drake & Josh screenshot* "I'm with my friends"

    Mom: "OK, be careful."

    20. This delicious snack:

    these would fuckin shmacckk con un cafecito

    @sammmpo / Twitter

    Just add some coffee.

    21. This reaction tweet:

    *Closes all apps including the music one*

    @_gthangg_ / Twitter


    22. This committed performance of "Te bote":

    Mood when Te Boté comes on 😩😂

    @mamichellly / Twitter

    The song title translating to "I dumped/left you."

    23. And this "Te Bote" meme:

    -‘T’ de ‘Troy’? -No, ‘T’ de ‘Te bote’

    -"T for 'Troy'?"

    -"No, T for 'Te bote' (I'm dumped you)."

    24. This personal fact:

    @Mia__Sara / Twitter

    "In conclusion, I'm stubborn."

    25. And finally, the universal reaction you get when you've got to share the tea with your friends:

    Texting your bff el chisme de ahora

    @julizzzlee / Twitter

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