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    24 Tweets About Music That Will Leave You Crying With Laughter

    *presses play*

    1. A follow-up to a classic:

    Finally the long awaited sequel to Mambo no. 5

    2. A newly discovered genre:

    can my mom let me listen in peace omg

    3. Some common ground:

    4. This funny response:

    Wingstop: "10pc combo that'll be $14.57" Me: 💳 *18 minutes later* Wingstop: " ORDER UP FOR CH- " Me:

    5. A bold statement:

    Misery Business is just SICKO MODE for emo kids

    6. An accurate depiction:

    7. This fan's level of commitment:

    8. This greeting:

    Gmorning from the alto section never front and center but taking on the hardest, weirdest notes with a smile filling out the chord so you can sing the melody take a solo, love

    9. This choreography:

    10. Some impressive moves:

    This was the smoothest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life

    11. This reaction:

    “The Jonas Brothers are back after 6 years.” My 25 year old self:

    12. An ode to a classic:

    i’m begging of you please don’t take my van

    13. A well-deserved award:

    14. This historical fact:

    Ariana Grande wrote “break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored” about Anne Boelyn’s courtship with King Henry VIII while he was with Catherine of Aragon

    15. A fun way to kill time:

    I’m sorry to anyone who is friends with me

    16. A pleasant surprise:

    I just saw Andre 3000 playing a flute in Starbucks how’s your Wednesday going?

    17. And another one:

    I can’t get enough of these Shaq videos 🤣

    18. This mashup:

    4:19am I’m high as hell but I decided to sample Fiona singin w/ that damn bird 😭😭

    19. A relatable reaction:

    the waitress at waffle house just apologized bc she lost her train of thought when tracy chapman fast car came on

    20. This FaceApp result:

    I thought this was Mrs. Wardwell from Sabrina I-

    21. This request:

    petition for Katy Perry to sing E.T at the Area 51 raid half-time

    22. This wholesome moment:

    23. A highly-anticipated release:

    It’s over for me now.

    24. And this painful truth:

    Nobody: Me: Album coming in 2019 Navy in July: