22 Tweets You'll Only Appreciate If You Know October Is The Best Month Of The Year

    ~Let's get spooky~

    1. It's finally October and a lot of people have been waiting for it...

    2. Like, a lot of people:

    3. Even Netflix is getting in on the fun:

    4. Expectations are high:

    I better hear a fucking crunch when I step on a leaf tomorrow

    5. And people are READY:

    transition from summer to fall

    6. Find a buddy to help you get hyped up...

    7. Or take extreme measures to make sure you're prepared:

    Me realizing Halloween is just next month 🎃

    8. It's prime time for fall activities:

    Me: are any spirits staying here? Ouija board: S T A Y I N A L I V E Me: dammit this is a Bee Gee board

    9. A favorite in the horror-genre is back on TV:

    me with the demons in my room once the opening credits of american horror story starts playing

    10. And it's also the perfect time to get BOO'd up:

    hmm... this could be the love of my life... an everlasting love...

    11. You can bond over pumpkin carving:

    “are u excited for hallowe-“ me:

    12. And wear matching outfits:

    couples on halloween this year smh

    13. Although sometimes things don't work out:

    14. You can always plan costume ideas with your friends:

    Tiffany wants to be in the picture too.

    15. Ho0man or pet:

    please look at this picture of me and my dog with spooky socks on

    16. Or go solo if your idea is so good that there is only room for one star...

    So my Mom dressed my baby sister as Mama Coco just for fun and my little sister is loving it 😂 #MamaCoco

    17. Whether it's cute or creepy:

    Getting son’s Halloween 🎃 Costume ready — scary, yah??

    18. Whatever the case, Halloween stores are officially open for business:

    We’re at a Halloween store that used to be at a babies r us and it’s so surreal

    19. So let's celebrate...

    It’s finally time to bring back this gem

    20. Bring in the fear factor:

    21. And visit your favorite pop-up shop:

    When God closes a door, he opens a

    22. Because life really does come at you fast:

    y’all, next week is october. and then the day after that is halloweenthanksgivingchristmas. so we’re basically less than two weeks away from 2019. life comes at you fast.

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