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    21 Tweets About Food That Are Outrageous, Hilarious, And Super Relatable

    Pizza rolls are just Italian Gushers.

    1. When frozen yogurt goes too far:

    I’m calling the health department, whole place getting shut down bitch and everybody goin to jail. I hope it was worth it.

    2. This water chugging strategy:

    Real water drinkers like it room temp so they can chug. Y’all go sip ya lil cold waters elsewhere

    3. A silly pun:

    waiter: you can make any combination of pasta you want me: wow, there’s endless pastabilities lol waiter: me: waiter: get out

    4. This totally realistic scenario:

    The germs waiting 5 seconds after food falls on the floor

    5. This would-be mishap:

    6. This evil reaction:

    The microwave when you take your food out and it’s still cold in the middle

    7. When cheese-heads take things to the next level:

    This don had to go to the 2nd floor to put the cheese on the monster burger and this is exactly the type of content I subscribe to

    8. This proud display of water expertise:

    before and after you discover the subreddit for a hobby

    9. An understandable reaction:

    if you offer me an Oreo and I bite into a wasabi flavored cookie, we’re throwing hands on sight

    10. This funny assumption:

    The back of the bottle literally says “refrigerate after opening” and y’all still put it in the cabinet. Y’all don’t follow directions and that’s why y’all keep getting pregnant.

    11. This relatable flaw:

    Going too hard on chips and salsa before i get my food is my biggest flaw

    12. And this one:

    it’s srsly so rude that guac turns brown

    13. A sad realization:

    I don't understand the mystique of coffee and cigarettes culture when just beyond the frame these cool people are shitting their guts out

    14. And this one:

    Pizza rolls are just Italian gushers

    15. This fashion statement:

    zendaya dressed like a la croix can and STILL looks good

    16. These critical thinking skills:

    jfc: jesus fucking christ my last two brain cells: jentucky fried chicken

    17. And this fact:

    DOCTOR: have you been drinking enough fluids? ME: that’s literally all I drink

    18. A strange meal prep routine:

    My roommate meal prepped HIS FUCKIN CEREAL lmaooooo

    19. And a not so strange request:

    Why aren’t drive thru pasta places a thing

    20. This relatable belief:

    i love pretending caesar salad is healthy

    21. And finally, THIS mess:

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