19 Music Tweets That Are Funny, Relatable, And Just Really Enjoyable


    1. This visual:

    me: damn i just dropped my pick in my guitar guitar pick:

    2. An '00s aesthetic:

    shrek yes juliet are you with me

    3. This routine:

    me listening to the same song 14 times in a row

    4. This performance:

    No one told me a video of crabs dancing to sicko mode could be this lit but I guess you learn something new everyday. https://t.co/gzPV2Sot4t

    5. And this one:

    why did u do that do that do that do that do that to me?

    6. A great idea for your alarm:

    7. A logical reaction:

    Y’all I asked my (white) coworker if she knew who Outkast was and she says “yeah he’s married to Cardi B”

    8. A legendary feud:

    name a beef better than fleetwood mac vs. fleetwood mac

    9. A visual mood:

    OHHHHHHHHH I wanna dance with somebody heat I wanna feel the with somebody

    10. A pretty timely mashup:

    This gon be me if I hear some cumbias while I’m out trick or treating 😭

    11. A reasonable request:

    Replace 👏🏽 the 👏🏽 four 👏🏽 presidents 👏🏽 on 👏🏽 Mount 👏🏽 Rushmore 👏🏽 with 👏🏽 ABBA

    12. This Spotify history:

    yes i have a really diverse taste in music i don't know what you're talking about

    13. A strange collab:

    Margaritaville and Party Rock Anthem have the same BPM. So I made this:

    14. An honest lyrical mistake:

    five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minions

    15. This straight-up talent show routine:

    16. A relatable opinion:

    can we talk about how annoying it is when ur at a concert and the artist holds out the mic to the crowd during an iconic line like.... I literally paid to hear U sing that part...

    17. This verse:

    “bitch you ain’t no barbie, i see you work at arby’s. number 2, super-sized, hurry up i’m starving.” -corinthians 13:4

    18. A remix that's actually on point:

    19. And finally, this musical comparison:

    That’s cuz I’m Mozart reincarnated bich https://t.co/g5x9xAWDF6

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