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19 People Who Totally Nailed Their Halloween Costumes This Year

A job well done.

1. This creepy execution:

2. This hilarious delivery:

if you don’t know this movie, our friendship is being questioned

3. This pair of musical legends:

Best couples costume you have ever seen? #DavidBowie #Prince

4. And this pair of movie icons:

I’m so obsessed with my friend Aaron and his BFs couples costume that I had to share it. Cc @bachelorburnbk

5. This well-deserved win:

6. This pair of BFFs:

7. This duo:

Peralta and Santiago are on the case, sir. @thelonelyisland @melissafumero

8. This group costume that took us all on a trip down memory lane:


9. This hilarious mom's "costume" idea:

my mom dressed up as ME for halloween i am actually wheezing

10. This impressive Halloween costume timeline:

11. This throwback to an iconic rom-com:

Sharks only bite when you touch their private parts

12. This side by side comparison:

you’re doing amazing sweetie. Kris Jenner for Halloween was a success lol #MOMAGER @KrisJenner @KimKardashian @kourtneykardash @khloekardashian https://t.co/1B49zMpTm5

13. And this classic villain:

14. This life-sized Cynthia doll:

15. This genius mashup of Lara Jean Covey and Lara Croft:

Lara Jean Croft: To All The Tombs I’ve Raided Before

16. This adorable little rascal:

17. This baby's custom-made costume:

18. This kid's costume choice for the movie theater:

BRUHHHHHH during the movie this little shit was staring at me over the chair 😂😂

19. And finally, this dad's impressive portrayal:

so my dad is Madea for halloween this year 💀

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