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    17 Of The Best, Most Wholesome Cat Tweets On The Internet Right Now

    Every day should be caturday.

    1. This conveniently placed cat:

    2. A kitty with fashion sense:

    I found a tiny denim jacket at goodwill

    3. This adorable duo:

    Owner Story: "Roasting marshmallow in front of the heater"

    4. And this pair that just got adopted:

    I ADOPTED THEM! Welcome to your forever home Ingrid & Geir! 🐱❤️🐱

    5. This catspreader:

    What are we doing about this catspreading epidemic???

    6. A poetic and highly relatable picture:

    7. This musically-inclined kitten:

    8. A cat with a pure heart:

    These two have a very pure connection 😌

    9. A purrfectly comfortable position:

    10. This funny moment:

    can’t stop thinking about this

    11. A curious friend with FOMO:

    I met a cat today and it wouldn’t stop following me so I set up a ladder and this happens..

    12. And this pair with probably the same idea:

    A museum in Japan spends most of its day refusing entry to 2 cats trying to get in @bijutsu1

    13. This facial expression:

    Owner Story: "Senor Gato looks like a refined gentleman xD"

    14. A masterpiece:

    I have been CACKLING at this video for the past FIFTEEN MINUTES I am CRYING

    15. This fabulous tribute:

    fndjdndn I got bored and made this I love you so much miso <3

    16. This happy ball of fluff:

    17. And finally, this stealthy friend getting showered with love:

    day 5 : they suspect nothing (giovanna_the_golden_retriever IG)

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