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    13 Christmas Tweets That'll Have You Dying Laughing If You Love Celebrating Christmas

    'Tis the season!

    1. This holiday anthem:

    she has risen

    2. This mood:

    not 2 be dramatic but merry christmas

    3. A great suggestion:

    it’s time for us to all start listening to ariana grande’s christmas and chill

    4. Losing all concept of time:

    October is almost here, which means it's basically Thanksgiving. Guys, Christmas is next week.

    5. This transformation:

    Me on Oct 31🎃 ➡️ Me on Nov 1🎄

    6. A heartwarming moment:

    All my dad ever wanted as a kid was to have a train under the tree but his family couldn’t afford it and today I surprised him with his first train for this xmas

    7. And this one:

    My sister brought the Grinch an onion yesterday and I about died 😂😂😂

    8. This iconic '00s moment:

    I love US history

    9. A hilarious reaction to the "Merry Chrysler" vine:

    My dad just watched the “Merry Chrysler” vine for the first time and this was his reaction 5 MINUTES LATER @csydelko

    10. This scene:

    "You disappoint me yet again, Mr. Claus."

    11. This prank:

    i don’t like christmas and i’ve been gone for a week so my roommates wrapped... everything? that i own???

    12. A holiday pastime:

    Get in loser we’re driving around the rich neighborhoods & looking at their extravagant Christmas lights

    13. And finally, an entertaining light show:

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