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    15 Tweets About Chick-Fil-A That Are Wholesome, Pure, And True As Heck

    If Chick-fil-A says I don’t need chicken on Sundays, then I don’t need chicken on Sundays.

    1. This employee's commitment to serving the customer:

    This lady in the drive-thru dropped her card & this @ChickfilA employee jumped out the window to fetch it for her.. I swear these Chick-fil-a workers go through military training

    2. And this customer's commitment to attaining Chick-fil-A:

    me unphased by the world falling apart as I continue to drive to Chick-fil-A

    3. A funny reenactment:

    How Chick-Fil -A Training Gotta be Like 😂💀💀

    4. This gift request:

    If anyone is shopping for my Christmas gift, I am a size Chick-fil-A gift card

    5. This interaction:

    The highlight of my fucking day 🤣💀

    6. A loyal customer's stance:

    If Chic Fil A says I don’t need chicken on Sundays, then I don’t need chicken on Sundays

    7. This reaction:

    thought about Chick-fil-a this morning and then a few hours later I got targeted ads for Chick-fil-a. I love my FBI agent. he gets me.

    8. This willingness to live with the consequences:

    Me right now drinking a milkshake from Chic Fil A knowing I’m lactose intolerant

    9. This genius idea:

    a 4 for $4 at chick-fil-a

    10. This confrontation:

    so at my school today there was a fight between the chick fil A cows and chickens 😭 just watch please

    11. This girl's costume idea:

    My girl’s Halloween costume bc Chick-fil-a is life.

    12. This version of "Thank You, Next":

    One taught me love. One taught me patience. And one taught me pain.

    13. A little known hack:

    Lmao nobody can say they knew this

    14. And its troll equivalent:

    Lmao nobody can say they knew this

    15. And finally, this employee's response:

    I placed an order with Chick-Fil-A for curbside pickup. When I got there this guy was standing outside in the cold without a jacket ready with food. His response when I asked if he was cold? “I have a warm home, and a warm bed. I could use cold.” WHERE DO THEY FIND THESE PEOPLE

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