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    15 Inspirational Gift Ideas For Every Strong Woman


    1. A loud and unique phone case:

    2. These cute af magnets:

    3. Some cute Supreme Court peg dolls:

    4. A fun cross-body bag:

    5. An adorable shirt for your fave cat owner:

    6. This notepad to help juggle a friend with a busy schedule:

    7. This perfect stocking stuffer pencil set:

    8. This shirt for the girl that doesn't have time for bullshit:

    9. A cute pouch that also reminds you to be yourself:

    10. A special Madonna-themed card to go along with your gift:

    11. Some embroidered wall art with a powerful statement:

    12. A fun key chain for the friend that loves dogs:

    13. An inspirational mug to help your friend start their day:

    14. A tote bag with a powerful message:

    15. And a literary shirt for the friend that loves to read:

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