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    • AleiBaBa

      Isn’t it annoying when lines and lines of comments, mainly only two different types like: 1. This is so over-hyped or 2. This is so disgraceful. …are redundant to the millionth power? When everyone is failing to realize: The issues isn’t just these gay/straight/whatever men, THIS IS HOLLYWOOD. Supporting Holly Wood (named after the ancient cultists Druid’s favorite wand material) is supporting pederasts, that’s it case closed. Mainstream Music, same thing goes. Has anyone EVER been spared? Britney? No she wasn’t spared and I believe the truest thing C. Love ever twittered was about Spears’ her father molesting her. OR Roseanne Barr’s comments about Michael Jackson being tortured as a child in order to have the type of programmable-mind necessary to carry out his special ‘routines’. (Jermaine qualified this much over the years) What is everyone failing to realize? That perhaps ALL? ‘Media’ (well, the only reason this here website exists)is nothing natural or helpful to humankind—it is all the opposite. Paying children/young-&adults to play pretend on recordings for others to live vicariously through drama/horror/suspense/’News’? I know it’s what most people live for- I KNOW it would be hearsay to ask someone to imagine a world without MOO-vies or the TEE-VEE but it’s the truth: It’s always been a lie, an illusion—escapism at it’s worst. There is so much more than these gay or straight tycoons taking advantage of kids being that there is systematic torture and humiliation. (Government Level, by the way. Check out Tommy Gosch-turned-Jeff Gannon ol’ Bush’s rentboy and mid-night whitehouse tours with boys way younger than who Singer thirsts for ;) ) USO Tours, ‘UN Ambassadors? Heh, You think Saint Jolie really goes and helps kids? Or she just has a good hiding spot for that H. she scores over seas? John Voight used to open up B.Spears’ concerts BTW… Who can justify this? What good has Meryl Streep (as innocuous as she’s alway been) TRULY brought into the world by her deeds on screen? Nada. MAIN POINT: for someone who has looked deeper- it is tremendously disgusting to see how all anyone here cares about is the micro-micro-cosm instead of the major picture. America’s HollyWood is a religious cult that engages in child sacrifice—it is well guarded by the tribe’s cultist priest’s—who choose WHO to chew up and WHEN (bearing in mind important ‘mystical’ numerological dates) to spit them out. In the TATTOO’d words of Brad Renfro: “Fuck All Y’all” Free Britney Learn the Truth about Whitney Ask Culkin why he’s so sad. Ask L. Boogie why she calls herself a ‘Moving Target’. Ask Apple why she can’t simply put out good music. Ask Olsen how she helped Heath die. Ask Solange who her REAL baby daddy is. hint: his name is in that sentence. Ask Franco why he won’t shut up about Daddy Rape. Ask Fox why one day she hopes to laugh at BUTTERFLIES trapped in gilded cages. Ask Joaquin why River was so effected by his family’s cult (same as Rose McGowan) or quite similarly Ask Assange what sort of cult he was in as a child. (trust, Assange is just as much a holly-wood type ;) ) and PLEASE stop acting like there’s only a handful of pedophiles and perverts, it’s the system, it’s this world and you keep paying them to keep it running

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