15 Sloth Facts From Sloths

The sloths give you some knowledge that will make you the most interesting person at the dinner party. Unless “Weird Al” Yankovic shows up.

1. 1. “Our ‘toes’ look more like big hooked claws in appearance.”

2. 2. “Some of us have three toes.”

3. 3. “Some of us only have two.”

4. 4. “Our claws are our only natural defence.”

5. 5. “Our main predators are jaguars, snakes, and eagles.”

6. 6. “We keep to ourselves, and only come together to…well…procreate.”

7. 7. “We can live to be 40.”

8. 8. “We sleep 10 hours a day.”

9. 9. “We can swim relatively well, and our fur coats enable swift passage through water.”

10. 10. “My mom can only have one of me a year.”

11. 11. “This algae that grows on me imparts a greenish color to my coat so that I blend with the foliage.”

12. 12. “We grow to weigh only 40 pounds.”

13. 13. “We’re vegan.”

14. 14. “We don’t rush anywhere: we only move 13 feet a minute.”

15. 15. “In fact, someone awarded us with the title ‘slowest animal on Earth’… and we’re proud of it!”

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