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    17 Things Everyone Has To Eat In Nottingham

    There's a reason why Noshingham is the food capital of the Eat Midlands...

    1. A roast at Larwood & Voce

    Alec Frusher

    In a city not short on roasts, this is the roast with the most.

    Excellent local beef (other meats also available, I’m told) and beefy Yorkshire puddings certainly help the cause. The pub also backs on to Trent Bridge cricket ground; keep an eye out as many of Nottinghamshire’s finest are regulars.

    2. Lunch at Café Roya

    Alec Frusher

    A vegetarian paradise, Café Roya pushes the envelope a little further than a beetroot and goat’s cheese salad.

    On my last visit English, Spanish, Greek and even Ethiopian influences were brought to the table to get the most from the relatively humble ingredients on show.

    3. Tapas at Iberico

    Facebook / Via Facebook / Via Facebook: Iberico World Tapas

    Perfect for dates, Iberico's underground dining room is gently lit with intimate booths for romantic moments.

    Its tapas menus are filled with Spanish classics and the cherry-picked best-of-the-rest from around the world; don't miss out on the miso black cod.

    4. A pizza from Oscar And Rosie’s @ Das Kino

    5. Scallops with tomato and strawberry at Sat Bains

    Alec Frusher

    Simply one of the best restaurants in the country. Given the chance I could fill a list with 17 dishes from here alone.

    Slow cooked beef and onion with iced thyme granita. Scallop with tomato and strawberry. And of course, Sat’s signature dish: 62 degree cooked duck egg, minted pea and ham.

    6. The Three Meat Ciabata at Brown Betty's

    Alec Frusher

    You definitely get your money’s worth here. It's one of Nottingham’s sandwich institutions.

    Try to beat the three meat ciabatta – turkey breast, two rashers of bacon, salami, melted cheese and, salsa, with jalapenos for good measure. Just don’t try eating this at your desk at work!

    7. Chilli beef at Shanghai Shanghai

    Alec Frusher

    Restaurant critics have made special visits to Nottingham to eat here, one describing it as “without question the best Sichuan cooking I have had outside China”.

    Praise indeed. It’s not for the faint-hearted, with offal and chilli aplenty.

    8. Fish and chips from The Cod's Scallops

    Alec Frusher

    Deservedly voted the best newcomer in the National Fish and Chip Awards in 2013, this place is great for all the regular chippy staples.

    But if you’re after something different, you can get your fish baked with garlic and herbs and snack on a handful of cockles while you wait.

    9. Halloumi Arayes from Marrakesh

    10. A burger from Annie's Burger Shack

    Alec Frusher

    This burger joint has such an iconic status in the city that a film was recently made about it.

    The toppings can be pretty out there, for example, The Vermonter (pancakes and maple syrup), The Elvis (peanut butter and jam) and The Sunday Dinner (no explanation needed). Everyone in Nottingham knows Annie’s.

    11. Afternoon tea from Thea Caffea

    Thea Caffea / Via Facebook: TheaCaffea

    This cute tearoom is hidden away down a little alley in the city centre and is the best afternoon tea in town.

    Immaculate finger sandwiches and plenty of baked delights complement the dizzying array of teas.

    12. A red curry at Tarn Thai

    13. BBQ at Miss Korea

    Alec Frusher

    Miss Korea has brought the self-BBQ format to Nottingham. It’s certainly an experience to cook your dinner yourself, it may be a gimmick, but it’s fun nonetheless.

    If you want someone else to put the effort in, I’m a big fan of the kimchi, Korea’s national dish.

    14. Anything from The Larder on Goosegate

    The Larder on Goosegate / Via

    The Larder, as it’s more commonly known, occupies the site of the original Boots the Chemist.

    But don’t worry – there’s nothing medicinal about the food. It commands the best steak in town and excellent local ingredients, especially the quality local game.

    15. A dosa at Kayal

    16. A selection from Delilah

    17. Lunch at Yamas

    Alec Frusher

    Vegetarians and carnivores alike are fans of this place. Greek crowd-pleasers sit alongside, equally good, options with wider Mediterranean influences.

    3 dishes for £6.95 at lunchtimes you say? Hand me a mythos.

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