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    17 Things Everyone Has To Eat In Nottingham

    There's a reason why Noshingham is the food capital of the Eat Midlands...

    1. A roast at Larwood & Voce

    2. Lunch at Café Roya

    3. Tapas at Iberico

    4. A pizza from Oscar And Rosie’s @ Das Kino

    5. Scallops with tomato and strawberry at Sat Bains

    6. The Three Meat Ciabata at Brown Betty's

    7. Chilli beef at Shanghai Shanghai

    8. Fish and chips from The Cod's Scallops

    9. Halloumi Arayes from Marrakesh

    10. A burger from Annie's Burger Shack

    11. Afternoon tea from Thea Caffea

    12. A red curry at Tarn Thai

    13. BBQ at Miss Korea

    14. Anything from The Larder on Goosegate

    15. A dosa at Kayal

    16. A selection from Delilah

    17. Lunch at Yamas