17 Reasons We Know Pugs Are Taking Over The World

Slowly but surely, their master plan is being carried out by pugs across the globe.

1. The World Wide Web has become a source of communication for them.

We thought they were just snuggling next to us.



They begin their extensive training at a young age.

2. They have adapted human-like mannerisms.

Soon they’ll be driving.

3. They’ve been practicing their attack skills.

Once again, they begin training at an early age.


4. They recycle.

They obviously don’t want a world even more full of trash when they take it over from humans.

5. They’ve adapted disguises to spy on our governments.

Yes, umm, just looking for the Queen.

We have our meeting with the President scheduled, correct?

6. They’ve begun infiltrating Disney movies so that children don’t fear them.

Snow White and the Seven Pugs

7. And famous artwork…


8. And the film/photography industry…

9. They’ve learned how to order Starbucks.

Dat tart.

10. They’ve been starting to get in shape.

Can’t take over the world if you’re out of shape!

11. And they know how to guide humans to do their bidding.

Just walk a little further. Yes, into the cage. That’s it.

12. They can navigate stairways.

hup hup hup hup

13. And are prepared for EVERY season.


14. They have incredibly terrifying bursts of anger.

She had it coming. Trusting a Pug like that.

15. They are masters of both land AND sea.

You can’t escape them.. They’re coming for you..

16. They’re always watching.

17. Let’s face it:

It’s only a matter of time before world domination commences.

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