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The 10 Best Minor Seinfeld Characters of All Time

There's much ado about a show about nothing. While Seinfeld relied heavily on the hijinks of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer, it was often the minor characters that stole the show. Here are the 10 most memorable and short-lived characters of all time.

  • 1. Dr. Tim Whatley (Bryan Cranston)

    Before his days of playing a meth cook with a heart, Bryan Cranston was filling cavities, and possibly fondling Jerry while he was under the gas. If you didn't like him, you're an anti-dentite.

  • 2. Lt. Bookman (Philip Baker Hall)

    This hard nosed book gumshoe was hot on Jerry's tail after failing to return Tropic of Cancer.

  • 3. The Maestro a.k.a. Bob Cobb (Mark Metcalf)

    Be forewarned, there are absolutely no places available in Tuscany.

  • 4. Lloyd Braun (Matt McCoy)

    Some call him Mayor Dinkin's trusty advisor, others may call him George's childhood nemesis, but don't you dare call him crazy. Gum anyone?

  • 5. Bob and Ray (Yul Vazquez & John Paragon

    "Who doesn't want to wear the ribbon!?"

  • 6. Jack Klompus (Sandy Baron)

    If ever there was a guy to ride to the early bird dinner at Del Boca Vista with in a Cadillac, Jack Klompus was your man.

  • 7. Milos (Mark Harelik)

    "Another game for Milos!"

  • 8. John Voight's Car (himself)

    Not to be confused with Jon Voight's Chrysler LeBaron.

  • 9. The Soup Nazi a.k.a. Yev Kassem (Larry Thomas)

    "No soup for you" was the 1990's version of "I'm Rick James bitch." The Soup Nazi character was based off of real life eccentric Al Yeganeh.

  • 10. Jimmy (Anthony Starke)

    T.P.A. Third person allowed. Alec likes this list. Alec wants to take this list out on a date.

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