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    • Aldrea

      Almost none of the ‘facts’ in this article are true. Captive orcas at SeaWorld are fed a varied diet including herring, salmon, and various small fish (which are all restaurant quality), are NOT kept in chlorinated water (the man-made saltwater in each and every pool is tested three times a day for quality, cleanliness, and salination. why do you think people have saltwater pools? BECAUSE THERE IS NO NEED FOR CHLORINE), and there is no way to diagnose psychosis or ‘psychotic’ behaviors in marine mammal. Also, SeaWorld has an orca that is over 40 years old in their collection, several over 30, and Tilikum is the last wild caught orca. Sea World does NOT take healthy animals from the wild, and they have rescued, rehabilitated, and released tens of thousands of animals with their global conservation teams. A quick Google search debunk these and other ‘facts’ in this terrible article. I know these things because I worked at SeaWorld, not as a trainer but an educator, and I saw each day how well cared for these animals were and still are. And each day I gave tours, I saw these animals change the lives of children ranging from ‘I want to be a conservationist” to “I won’t litter anymore”. Good job jumping on the Blackfish bandwagon for cheap hits to your useless website.

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