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15 Reasons To Feel Seriously Amazing Right Now

Amazing things. That’s what Aldi does every day. We were the first supermarket that signed up to the National Farmers’ Union Fruit & Veg Pledge. That’s amazing! And so is this…

1. Did you know that otters hold hands to keep each other from floating away?

2. The BBC once tricked half the country into believing spaghetti grew on trees.

3. Cows have best friends.

4. And you know who else loves cows?

5. Penguins “propose” by giving their mate a pebble.

6. In fact, this penguin makes a trip home to see his human BFF every year.

7. In 2013, a computer error briefly made a man in Pennsylvania the richest person in the world.

8. Chances are you're literally making history every time you shuffle a pack of cards.

9. Millions of trees have grown thanks to grey squirrels forgetting where they buried their nuts.

10. Scotland's national animal is a unicorn.

11. On Jupiter and Saturn, it rains DIAMONDS.

12. There are more life forms on your skin than there are on the entire planet.

13. You brain actually rewards you for being curious about the world.

14. You walk the equivalent of five times around the entire globe in your lifetime.

15. And finally, this dude:

Did you know that all Aldi’s core range of fresh meat and fresh milk and Red Tractor approved? That’s Aldi. Everyday Amazing. For more amazing things, visit Aldi.