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    Small Town In Canada Goes Star Wars Retro And The Results Are AWESOME!!!

    When a language school in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia wanted to attract a broader international audience it turned to the Star Wars franchise for help.

    Destroyer and Tie Fighters unleashed onto Lunenburg.

    Lunenburg Board of Trade / Via

    Imperial Star Destroyer unleashing Tie Fighters over Lunenburg, Nova Scotia a World UNESCO Heritage Site and one of Canada`s most beautiful places.

    Stormtrooper Takes Aim at Majorette during Parade.

    Lunenburg Historical Society / Via

    Stormtrooper takes aim at an unsuspecting majorette`during Canada Day festivities in down-town Lunenburg. Apparently this guy thought this unidentified majorette was relying too heavily on her palm spins and not enough on twirling skills and took exception. Many thanks to Yoda for stepping up and saving the day.

    Horse and Buggy Occupants under Siege from Imperial Tie Fighters.

    Trot in Time / Via

    Basil Oickle and his team use evasive manoeuvres to avoid an ambush from Tie Fighters.

    Stormtroopers Patrolling Lunenburg Harbour.

    Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic / Via

    With the exception of the formidable Star Destroyer, a Stormtroopers favourite craft is the trusty dory. As of today, we still have no reason why this is so.

    Chewbacca Selfie Taken Last Winter.

    Lunenburg Board of Trade / Via

    Chewbacca visits, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and does what everyone else in the galaxy does, he takes a selfie. What, no duck lips Chewy.

    Famed Bluenose Skipper Wins World Title (again).

    Lunenburg Genealogical Society / Via

    Much to the chagrin of the Empire, Angus Walters, captain of the mighty Bluenose sailing schooner, wins another World Racing title. R2D2 decides to photo-bomb.

    Stormtroopers Look to the Dory as a Way to Control the Earth's Oceans.

    The Dory Shop / Via

    Factoid: Stormtroopers have taken to the trusty dory like kittens to cardboard boxes.

    Stormtrooper Visits Blue Rocks, just outside of Lunenburg and Gets Picture Taken in Dory.

    Pleasant Paddeling / Via

    While on patrol in the tiny fishing town of Blue Rocks, this Stormtrooper stopped for a quick photo. It turned out to be a bad idea as soon after he was killed by friendly fire.

    Lunenburg Academy, Home of Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance.

    Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance / Via

    In December of 2014 the Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance (LAMP) invited Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes to play for the Lieutenant Governor and local dignitaries. A nasty fight broke out between attendees and the band after repeated requests for a new song went unheeded.

    Obi Wan Kenobi - You Are My Only Hope!

    Ironworks Distillery / Via

    Yes, that happened here.

    Millennium Falcon Disrupts Service with Flyby.

    St John`s Anglican Church / Via

    In May of this year the Millennium Falcon performed a low speed flyby of this famous Lunenburg landmark rattling it`s stain glassed windows and startling worshippers. Unconfirmed reports sited that a long-time parishioner was seen shaking her fist and yelling out, `I`ll see you in the Void Solo`.

    Lone Jedi takes on AT-AT Walker at Peggy`s Cove.

    Planet D / Via

    A Jedi is a Force-sensitive individual, most often a member of the Jedi Order, who studied, served, and used the mystical energies of the Force; usually, the light side of the Force. Still, taking on an Imperial AT-AT Walker is no easy task even for a Jedi. Luckily for this guy the Walker got too close to the slippery rocks and was swept away by a rouge wave. You have to be from here to get that joke.

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