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    • Alchemistik

      These comments on how his freedom of speech was being somehow infringed upon are just plain stupid. He was not kept from speaking publicly or playing songs against Obama or the government, he was removed from the stage fromaprivate event he was payed to perform in. When you are paid to perform and you do not perform to the standards of those people who paid you, they have all the right in the world to kick you off their stage. This is just Lupe doing things for Lupe, Mr. Fiasco does not care about you or the hood, he cares about himself and makes sure his car garage is fully stocked. Whenaman like him, speaks out on consumerism and how asacountry we do not do enough to help the less fortunate around the world or cries on TV about how bad his hood is hurting; yet he spends fortunes on Ferraris, Shelby Cobras and other exotic cars to put in his garage. Why is he not helping his friends or his people from his hood? crying on camera isn’t enough, making bullshit albums isn’t enough, making political ploys to keep your sheep following you isn’t enough. Talk is cheap

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