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    14 Things You Do When You're Stuck In A Small Town For Spring Break

    It's got... charm.

    1. You experience a culture shock when you first return home.

    2. You won't overdress for anything.

    3. You realize just how dead it is at the time you usually go out at school.

    4. You post countless pictures of your pets on Snapchat...

    5. ...and on Instagram.

    6. You go to lengthy measures to avoid running into people from high school around town.

    7. You get way too invested in a TV show.

    8. You might even see this message multiple times in one day.

    9. You spend a lot of quality time with your family.

    10. But even with nothing to do, you will still find a reason to procrastinate your school work.

    11. You sit at home while your younger siblings are out having fun.

    12. You stay off Facebook so you don't have to see the amazing time your other friends are having.

    13. Because you're still struggling to stay warm.

    14. And if you were to post a spring break photo to Facebook, this would be it:

    But even though you're stuck in a small town, you still have a nice and relaxing spring break at home!

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