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10 Delicious Summer BBQ Foods To Share With Your Fam And Friends

Cue the music and fire up the grill; it's summer! Soak up the sun with Albertsons’ exclusive Open Nature® summer foods, free from 110 food additives.

1. Prepare the perfect food spread with this mouthwatering, plant-based cauliflower dip.

Container of cauliflower dip.

2. Hop out of the water, dry those hands, and sink 'em into a bag of these amazing pita chips.

Bag of pita chips

3. Throw some shrimp on the barbecue with these sustainably sourced shrimp.

Package of shrimp

4. Swap your traditional summer hot dog with these "NO Antibiotics Ever" chicken and apple chicken sausages.

Pack of chicken sausages

5. Jump into all of your favorite summer games alongside these tasty flatbread crackers.

Pack of flatbread crackers

6. Grab your seasoning and use this ground beef for your famous homemade burgers.

Package of ground beef.

7. Plan that chill backyard hangout with your close friends and feast on this whole roasted chicken.

Container of chicken

8. Keep the party going 'til late with this all-natural ground bison.

Package of ground bison.

9. Impress your guests with some light, flavorful options at the BBQ this year with these wild caught salmon fillets.

Pack of salmon fillets

10. Spruce up your homemade summer salad with this balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Bottle of vinaigrette dressing

All images courtesy of Albertsons.

Whether you're hosting a barbecue or attending one, dive into the summer vibe and shop Albertsons' Open Nature® line for all of your barbecue needs!